Who plays alfie in “THE CREATOR”

Madeleine Yuna Voyles, a young actress hailing from San Diego, California is plays role alfie in “The creator”. “The creator” is sci-fi action thriller film releasing on theatres September 29 2023.

Madeleine Yuna Voyles is one such prodigious talent. She is born and raised in San Diego, California. Super talented girl have attracted to arts and crafts from beginning. such a natural talent shines through from a young age.

She acclaims her Southeast Asian ancestry, with a vibrant mix of Thai, Laotian, and Cambodian roots, inherited from her mother. Additionally, she raises the influence of her German-American descent from her father’s side. Madeleine’s younger sibling, Arden Briar Voyles, is also a child actress.

According to teaser and trailer, she has done impressive role with great essence of presence, rooted by her multi cultural family.

The world eagerly awaits Madeleine’s professional feature film debut in the highly anticipated sci-fi film, “The Creator,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Gareth Edwards. This role will emerge star in industry, which shines in future also.

She is still passionate for arts and book reading on sets of film, which nurtures ability of imagination. With a keen interest in Japanese anime and K-Pop, she is thriving passion for crafts. Above all, she experienced quality time spent with her family, cherishing the love and support they provide throughout her journey.

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