How old is ‘Britt Barbie’.

Britt Barbie is 25 yrs old, was born on august 30, 1998 in united states. she has grown up in small town of Texas. she has done great success through social media in early age.

britt barbie early age
britt barbie has started career as model in starting. She have done more videos on TikTok. she has around 4,00,000 followers. she has done video in lip sync format in YouTube also. she has more followers on you tube also.

Britt Barbie is social media personality. She is tiktok star and famous model.

‘Britt Barbie’s viral video “Period Agh, Period Ugh” went viral that time with million views. he has done that slogan as famous with youtube video.

she has a pet gecko. barnbie wel known online personality. People went seach aboutr her relatiop ship status , but she keeps her love and relation ship status as secret.

Career of Britt Barbie

Britt Barbie has primary career as youtuber, and she is affiliate with fashion brand. she also earning very well as model.

she has earned more money through instagram account. Her netwoth is arounfd $1 million through social media carrer.

Britt Barbie went viral on Twitter after getting beaten up at Mid Rivers Mall in Missouri. she landed on the floor after being punched by an unknown woman.

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